Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Staheli Festivities

We got to Oak City on Christmas evening and stayed until New Years.  It was a little slower pace with the Stahelis.  Not quite so many parties here.  My dad's barn surrounded by snow was magical.  I'm going to miss this place.  Even though I know my parents had planned to be in their new house months ago, I'm glad for the chance to be in Oak City for one more Christmas.
On the day after Christmas, Annie's and Jarom's families came for dinner and a little family party.  We missed seeing Tyrell's family, but they were in the process of moving back to Ridgecrest that week, and it was just too much to be traveling to Utah as well.  We played BINGO with fun little prizes.

Stanford was loving Benson's shoes as well as his Christmas presents.
The next day, we went to Leo's for lunch.  When in Delta!

I feel like I never noticed certain things about Oak City, like this perfectly old barn, before I started looking around with take-it-all-in-one-last-time eyes.

We headed down to Cedar City another day to see the progress on Mom and Dad's new house.  It's getting closer.  The sun was shining, so the kids played outside in the snow.  We also ate at a Chinese restaurant and then tried to go bowling.  It was too busy, so we just drove back to Oak City.  Quick trip.

Emersen made some awesome art.
We spent a lot of time just playing games and visiting.

Daniel and I had a double-date with Annie and Dan to see the new Star Wars movie.  It was pretty fun.
I made a quick visit over to Venice to see my Grandma Christensen.  My dad and I went by ourselves since we were the only UNsick people, and Grandma is extra vulnerable because of her cancer.  I was so glad I took the time to visit her.  Who knows when I will no longer have the chance.  I love this woman so much.
Stanford thought my dad's jeep was a "monster truck."  He was super excited to get a ride in it.

Bentley's favorite thing to do when in Oak City.

It was such a nice visit, and I was sad to leave Oak City knowing that FOR SURE this time was the last time I would be in the house I grew up in.  So many memories.  Cue the tears. Next time we visit, it will be in a different house.  At least it will be the same people I love.

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