Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Eve

We decided to try the Plaza Lanes in Delta for New Years' Eve.  It was fun and terrible all at the same time.  How long has it been since I've thrown a bowling ball?!
Stanford likes to pretend he's in charge.  Who am I kidding?  He pretty much is.

After bowling, we went back to Oak City and did puzzles and watched movies until midnight.  Even the older kids stayed up pretty late.  It was pretty low-key.
This has been a good year.  We became a family of six, we adjusted to our new home, were moved into a new ward, made lots of new friends, Daniel's business opened their first site, we traveled to Utah several times, we learned about the increased expense and activity level (and stress!) of having multiple children, and we spent a lot of time together as a family (including lots of time at the beach).  In short, we were blessed beyond measure, as we always have been.  The Lord is good to us. Goodbye, 2015!

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Sadie said...

It was so fun to catch up. I just spent an hour reading through posts. ;) You are such a good mommy. I love reading about all of your adventures. And now you've motivated me to catch up on my blog. ;)