Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lyman Festivities

We took the kids out of school a day early and started the long drive to Utah.  This was our first drive with Brooklyn.  She did surprisingly well!  We didn't leave as early in the morning as last year, so the kids didn't do much sleeping for the entirety of the trip.  We stopped every few hours for food and gas.  We picked the perfect day, because, even though it was misty and cold, there was no snow the whole way, only some rain around Boise.  We arrived at the Lymans late that night.
The windmills looked like they were floating on the clouds.
Once we arrived in Utah, it was party after party, literally.  We watched the Utah vs. BYU football bowl game (Way to go, Utes!).  Marie and I got our fingernails done, she gave me a facial lactic peel (for her schooling), and did my eyelashes again.  We went from house to house and passed kids around.  Daniel had to do a little work on our Hawksbill house (good thing it all came up while we were in town!).  There was SO MUCH SNOW.  I realized how much I did NOT miss that.  I did some last-minute Christmas shopping and Hobby Lobby shopping (when in Utah!).  And our kids were all sick again/still.  The only thing we missed this year was the Temple Square lights.  We didn't want to drive downtown in the snow.

We had an adult Christmas dinner party at Brett and Carrie's new home.  It was so nice to just sit and eat and not have to worry about the kiddos. (Ours were at Ben and Libby's house with Crystal and Maddy babysitting.)  It was also fun to see Brett and Carrie's new, fabulous home.

Snow buddies.  Check out Emersen's pants.  Yeah, we don't buy snow clothes anymore...

This was an impromptu family gathering at Mark and Amy's house.  All the grandkids together again!
Going for a ride.
We had the family party at Mat and K'Lyn's house and did dinner, a children's nativity, games, talents, and gift exchange.  Brooklyn was Baby Jesus, being the youngest in the family.  She was very content.  Emersen was an angel, Bentley a shepherd, and Stanford a wiseman.  He was a little confused though; he wanted to be Ironman.  Almost the same thing.
Emersen sang "Somewhere in My Memory" for the family talent show.
I ended up wrapping a lot of presents on Christmas Eve.  I hate it when I have to do that!
Oreos at Aunt Marie's
"Take a picture of me, Mom!"
Bentley and Lauren had a very intense conversation about the solar system.  Carrie and I were cracking up listening to them and watching Bentley's facial expressions.
We spent the first week and last day of our vacation with the Lymans and then headed back home.  It was so cold the whole time we were in Utah, and we were ready to get back to some milder weather.  This was the first time I was ready to leave Utah and go back "home."  I guess Washington is actually feeling like home now.  But we sure had a great time while we were there!

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