Friday, December 25, 2015

It's Christmas!

What a wonderful time of year!
This year, we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with Daniel's sister Marie's family.  She also had her in-laws and another brother-in-law and wife staying over.  Uncle Joseph spent the night too, and Daniel's parents came for everything except the sleeping part.  It was a full house and a great time.  Everything was so chaotic that I felt like we didn't do ANYTHING traditional, which bugged me a little, but we just had to go with the flow.  I also took THE WORST pictures of any Christmas ever.  Oh well.  At least I got some, I guess.

On Christmas Eve, the kids opened a box of goodies, which included pajamas, a new game, and some Hulk fists that Daniel couldn't resist.  The boys loved those.

Three of the four kids cooperated for a pj picture.
Santa came.  So many delights.  So many reminders of how blessed we are.

Joseph, Daniel, Brooklyn, and I all shared a room that night, but Brooklyn and I didn't sleep much.  She was still so sick and just fussed and coughed most of the night.  I tried to keep her as quiet as possible since there were so many other people trying to sleep.  Which meant that I hardly got any sleep.  I don't know how those boys can sleep through all that!  So we were both wasted for Christmas day.  
Emersen was up bright and early and just sitting on the sofa waiting for everyone else.
When all the kids were up, we gave them the go ahead and they dug in.  Stockings were first.

Stanford was also sick and not too chipper that morning.
Grandma Lyman took good care of little Brookie.
Emersen was very pleased with her presents, a horse for her doll, and a tablet of her own.  She couldn't believe she actually got a tablet.  And then she didn't put it down.
Bentley liked his remote-controlled monster truck, but when he opened a K'Nex set, he had the best reaction, "I got exactly what I wanted!"  Phew.
He couldn't wait to put it together.
Stanford slowly opened his presents and loved his Batman monster truck and superhero mashers.

And then he was done.
Brooklyn didn't care about anything.
The after-party trash stack
We spent the whole morning playing with toys, laying around, snacking, and visiting, just what Christmas Day should be like.
Marie's in-law family was having a lunch and party that afternoon, so we packed up and headed to Oak City.  My parents had been all by themselves that morning, so they were more than happy when we arrived.

As I sit here at the end of another wonderful Christmas Day, it's easy to forget about all the things I thought I needed to do and didn't and instead recognize that the greatest gifts I could ever have have already been given to me. Christmas came. It was a good one. We were together. Among the laughter and chaos, we were also able to take time to reflect on our Savior, for He is the gift.

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