Monday, February 10, 2014

The Office Grows Up

While I'm at it, let's talk about another space that has received some nice changes recently: the office.  It has been AWESOME to have a whole room all to myself (not like I haven't had the rest of the house to do with what I want).  My favorite part is this gallery wall above the desk.  I just put up pictures of anything I love.  I sadly took down the vinyl tree, but I couldn't bring myself to throw it away, so I cut it smaller and stuck in on some wax paper to keep.  What a change this is!

 Starting at the top:

1. Card with a sketch of San Francisco sites that I bought there.
2. "Life is a journey" metal plate from Hobby Lobby.
3. Photo I took in Prince Edward Island of a little white church and wild lupins.
4. A watercolor practice assignment Daniel did in school that I made him save for me.  This picture doesn't do it justice, but I just love the colors.
5. "La Vie Est Belle" from The Pretty Blog.
6. "Mother" art by Madeleine L'Engle that I ripped out of a magazine a long time ago.
7. "Miscellaneous Mom"from the American Heritage Dictionary
8. "Be Amazing" from Eighteen25.  Daniel is always telling me I'm amazing, so I decided maybe I should actually be amazing.  This is a good reminder, which is why it is place right in my line of sight each day.
 9. Jane Austen bibliography art from Etsy, because OF COURSE this belongs on my wall.
10. "I can do anything with the right shoes" metal plate from Hobby Lobby.  I do love shoes.
11. Photo from Stanford's three-month photo shoot.
12. Photo of Emersen with seashells on the beach in Atlantic City.  One of my all-time favorites.
13. Photo of the kids at a pumpkin patch last Fall.  Sometimes the candid photos are the best ones.
14. Photo I took of Trafalgar Square in London.  What would a Riki gallery wall be without a London photo?
15. Two cards I found at a bookstore in New York City.  I don't remember the artist, and I'm not about to open up the frame again to find out.
16. The round frame will eventually have a photo of Bentley, but I'm still trying to decide on the perfect one.  He doesn't give me very many options.  And you would think that would make it easier . . .

 I also decided on the spur of a moment to sell my black Ikea bookcases on KSL.  Too much black around here.
 Which made the office look like this the next day . . .
 And prompted a last-minute run to Ikea that night to buy these lovelies (Daniel is so sweet to put up with me)!  They are taller and slightly wider than the black ones, so we gained two more shelves!  And they lighten up the room immensely.
 Also, genre organization is a must.  
 We recently made these watercolor silhouettes of Christ for a mutual activity.  I love how this looks framed.  Did I ever mention how much I love watercolor?
 I collect magnets from every place we travel to, and the cluttered fridge was getting a little overbearing for me.  So I bought this magnet board from Ikea and moved them all to the office.  They barely fit!  I either need a larger magnet board or to stop collecting.  Daniel was super weirded out by the blank white fridge, but I was so in love with it.
I thought it would be fun to have my own calling cards.  Daniel made these for me.  I actually gave one out at the library last week to another mom who asked for my number, and I felt totally awkward.  Ha!
The other big change to this room was some new, more sophisticated curtains.  I found these on clearance at Home Goods on my birthday shopping trip.
 And I switched out the bird art for some fun photos of me and my love.
 And because I think it's fun to see before and after photos . . .

 And the other side . . .
 With a pile of projects in the corner.

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Casie said...

I love the changes you made! I can't wait until I can start doing this in my next home! Maybe a mint color for the desk would pull the color from the frames together with the room? Just a thought.