Friday, February 28, 2014

Fun in February

The biggest news of this last month was that Stanford finally started walking!  We decided that maybe if we actually practiced with him he would do it.  So we did, and the next day, he was doing it on his own.  A week later, and he wasn't crawling at all anymore.  By the end of the month, he practically runs around and stands up in the middle of the floor and everything.  It's been fun to watch him learn, and I think he loves it too.  When we first started practicing with him, he didn't want to stop.  He would just get up, turn around, and try again.

The kids are into color coordinating their dishes and begged me to take a picture.
Yes, this happens sometimes too.  Dots is the new favorite game.
Daniel took the kids to his brother's house for a Superbowl party while I had church meetings.  The kids love any chance to play with their cousins.
They also all went to see The Lego Movie while I stayed home with Stanford.  Now we can't help singing, "Everything is awesome..." and Bentley made his own addition, "...when you ride on a train."  Of course.
That prompted Daniel to be the coolest dad ever and take them to the Lego Store for a second Christmas.  Emersen is really good at putting them together and following the "constructions."  The legos overtook our dining room table for two weeks.  Even though there were plenty of squabbles, they stayed pretty entertained for long periods of time.
Emersen dressed up for Pirate Day at school.
I have some pretty cute boys!
Bed head.
Stanford loves bath time and is a big-time splasher.
Emersen loves to play mom and somehow coaxed Stanford into laying on her to watch tv.
It seems Spring came early because it's been another mild month.  We've enjoyed near-60 degree days at times, so we've tried to take full advantage.  I took the boys to a playground while Emersen was at dance class.  I think that was the first time Stanford was on a slide, and he loved it.  He also discovered his shadow and kept trying to catch it.
Some sunshine has been good for all of us.  After at least an hour outside with the kids, I had more energy than I've had in months.  This was the first time Stanford played with the sand, and he was not happy about having to go inside for a nap.
The rest of the photos are my daily instagram pictures.  The descriptions are below each collage.
1. I was all alone at church when Daniel took the kids to his brother's overnight for a Super Bowl party.  Wrong day to forget my wedding ring.
2. Spread of possible decorations for Valentine's Day.
3. Bentley likes building pillow forts to hide things.
4. I learned to crochet at a Relief Society activity and finished this baby blanket all in one night.  It was so fun, I couldn't stop.
5. I can't help feeling grateful after I buy groceries and fill up my fridge.
6. The first day the legos took over the table.
7. We were hooked to the TV during the Olympics.  Figure skating is my favorite.  Bentley wasn't too interested on that lazy Saturday.
8. Caught a rare moment when these two are getting along.
9. Handout for my young women lesson.
10. We've all suffered some degree of a cold this month.  The boys got the worst of it, so we spent many days on the sofa.
11. Bentley found some treasures at Hobby Lobby.  Who said it's just for girls?
12. I brought out a bag of toys I had previously put in time out.  Emersen said, "It's like Santa Clause came!"
13. "Mom, I picked some leaves for you!"
14. The bikes got dusted off.
15. Where did she get these new poses?
16. Superheroes came for lunch.
17. Bentley enjoyed trying out Grandma's ukelele.  He looks like a pro already.
18. Another day of legos.  And Thomas.
19. This perfect notebook was just waiting for me at Wal-Mart.  I couldn't pass it up.
20. The sheet music for "Frozen" came in the mail and we've been playing and singing it nonstop!
21. Stanford finally got some freedom at the library, and I got to clean up after him.
22. Like he's been walking forever.
23. Looking for wild animals at Costco.
24. Washing his own plate because he insisted on using a dirty one from the dishwasher.
25. New shoes, new shorts, new pajamas.
26. Walking along the Jordan River while Emersen was at school.
27. Taking a break on his "bouncy bike."
28. I've almost donated this striped shirt about three times, and I think I originally got it at DI too.  I keep finding new ways to wear it though.
29. A new snack for me.
30. He doesn't fall asleep in the middle of the day much anymore.  We paid for it at bedtime.

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Kristi said...

It looks like you guys had a fun month! It seems like forever since we have seen you guys and the kids have grown so much since then.