Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bits of Sunshine

The last couple of weeks, we have had some glorious spring days, some even reaching the 60s.  The kids and I have been ecstatic about it.  It is such a mood lifter for me.
The crocuses have bloomed, and the other bulbs are growing.
Daniel got out the trampoline and the swings, and the kids have loved playing in the yard again.  Of course, the first thing Bentley did was take a load of sand to dump all over the trampoline.  
Emersen likes to play "sugar rush racing" on her scooter and bike.  
Bentley has always preferred wearing shoes and socks in the house, but for some reason, he always takes them off when he's outside, even when it's still a little cold.  
He ripped a hole in the knee of his jeans for the first time ever.  I know it won't be the last.
We also had our first picnic.
 With the warmer weather, I started walking/jogging on the mornings when Daniel doesn't leave too early.  
I love the early morning smell, the crisp air, the birds chirping, and the relative quiet (you can't completely get away from the buzzing cars in the middle of the city).
It feels so good to get my body moving like that again.  I've been feeling old and slow and unhealthy lately.  My mind also races when I'm out there.  I need some kind of voice recorder to catch at least a little bit of it.
Speaking of sunshine, I get to play with this little joy every day.  His smile is contagious.
The kids and I went to Oak City for a few days last week while Daniel was scoping out jobs in Portland.  We took Stanford out for his first walk, since the weather was so pleasant.  My walks there were particularly rejuvenating since it WAS actually quiet.  
Man, I love that little town.  Luckily, I get to go back two more times this month!
I'm so glad that winter is coming to an end and warmer days will soon be the regular.
Bring on the sunshine!

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