Monday, August 31, 2015

All About August

Get comfy because we had a lot of fun things go down in August!  And all the pictures to prove it!

We watched our friend Claire for three days when her mom had a baby.  This family (who live just around the corner) has become really good friends of ours, and we were happy to adopt little Claire for a while.  I experienced what it was like to have twins.  It was so funny to watch these two together.  We put Claire in Bentley's bed, and she would not stop talking at night.  Stanford kept telling her to shush so he could go to sleep.  Haha!
 Bentley wrote this thank you card to Great-Grandma Christensen.  It was just so cute, I had to memorialize it.
He has been very passionate about sending letters lately.  He wrote all of these to his cousin Oakley.  After mailing a couple, we decided to just take a picture of them to send instead.
These boys and their little friends play superheroes all day long. 
 We did our back-to-school shopping, one of my most favorite things.  Just look at all those beautiful school supplies!
I always get a little sad the first time new paints are used.
I realized today that I like school SUPPLY shopping a whole lot more than school CLOTHES shopping. #toomanychoicesforasixyearold #they'rejustclothes
She's not staying put anymore!
And she loves those toes!
Stanford likes to snuggle with me when he wakes up from naps.  I don't mind.  He has great bedhead too.
This month, we turned the play room into a dinner theater.  "Time to Shine" was a hit.  If only I could get the video uploaded...
Stanford grabbed the first two books he saw, said, "Look, mom, a book!" and pushed them onto the counter to check out.  No wasting time at the library today!
Emersen went to beauty salon birthday party for her friend Sylvia.  No comment.  She had a great time though.
Prince Charming showed up to the ball.
In June, our church time was changed to 8 a.m., which left PLENTY of time during the day to make treats and read.  Well, at the end of August, our ward boundaries were changed, and we were scooted into the Washougal River Ward.  We were prepped for the change by some neighbors, but it is still bittersweet.  We've already made some great friends in our previous ward, but we're glad that some of them our coming over to the new ward with us.  I'm sure it will also be a great ward!  So now we go to church at 11:30 a.m. for the rest of the year.
Most of my crew is here.  Not looking very happy though.
Bentley always introduced Brooklyn, "This is my baby sister.  She spits up, whines, cries, and sometimes throws up.  She's cute, huh."
Project Day!  And Daniel has an audience.
He even let them help a little...
And shared his Coke.
The boys beds turned out super awesome (and super heavy)!  Now the boys can finally get their mattresses off the floor.  These were sort of a restoration hardware knockoff with a twist.  Love them!
My date with Bentley consisted of one-on-one baseball and lots of chocolate.  He was one happy fella!
Kindergarten orientation.  Bentley is super excited to go to school every day!  He hopes to get Mrs. Maxey (his friend's mom) for a teacher.  We also went to the school's open house and met Emersen's new teacher, Mrs. Vail.  They are very excited for school to start.
This is how Stanford's first dentist appointment went: I sat on the chair while he hid in the corner, then we spent the rest of the time playing with a glove balloon.  Not surprising.  Okay, he did let them brush his teeth a little and paint fluoride on.  We'll try again in six months.
She's my morning dose of sunshine!
Dad taught them some tricks.
Reading scriptures every night together is awesome.  The kids love to do the reading.
Stanford has it all figured out.
All four kids in one picture.  What?!  #musthavefood

Bentley has never wanted to try riding a bike until his neighbor brought out this cool bike that looks like a motorcycle.  He got right on and rode!  Just like that!
Stanford carries Woody around all day.
Playing all day!

This video.  Just hilarious.  I haven't watched the whole thing, but the first five minutes are worth. every. second.

Daniel had a lot of dental work done this month.  It was expensive.  And time-consuming.  And painful.  But it's done.

Our Relief Society did a fun food storage challenge.  We signed up for a group, and then they called us on a random Sunday night, and we had to pretend there was some sort of disaster and we were not allowed to go to the store for a week.  We had to live off of our food storage, whatever was in the house.  It actually wasn't that difficult because I only make it to the store once a week right now, if that, anyway because I don't want to haul all four kids there!  I had also made a Costco trip recently, so we were pretty set.  It was a good exercise to get me thinking though about what I could do to be better prepared.

Also, my sister Annie had her third baby boy!  Wish we were there to meet him.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Cannon Beach Anniversary

We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary in Cannon Beach, Oregon.  Daniel arranged the most perfect, relaxing getaway.  Really, it couldn't have been better.  We paid a girl from our ward who was home from college for the summer to stay overnight with our kids, so that we could get out of town.  It was my first time leaving Brooklyn overnight.  The kids did just fine, and it was worth every penny.  Brooklyn took some time to warm up to me when we got back.  She must not have liked me leaving her :)

We left Sunday right after church and headed to the coast.  The two-hour drive became about 2.5 hours because of a forest fire detour.  We arrived in Cannon Beach at the Hallmark Resort at about 5 p.m.  We had an awesome oceanfront room view of Haystack Rock.

After settling in, we walked downtown to find a place for dinner.  We ate at Driftwood Seafood and Steak.  I ate crab casserole and Daniel had seafood stew.  It actually wasn't amazing and was overpriced.  Oh well.

We walked barefoot along the beach back towards our hotel and watched the sun set over the ocean.  It was cold and windy as usual.  We collected sand dollars for the kids along the way.

Back at the hotel, we got hot chocolate, borrowed a movie from the front desk, and then sat in the hot tub to watch it before going to bed.  We didn't sleep in, but just stayed lazy in bed for a while.  Finally, we decided to go for a morning walk along the beach.  We headed the opposite direction this time.  We walked for about two hours.  The sky above Haystack Rock was beautiful.
The obligatory beach jumping pose.
Daniel had to take a few work calls while we were out.  Our hotel is in the background.

Walking together

Daniel did a little more work while I was getting ready.  Not a bad place for an office, eh?
After we checked out of the hotel, we drove downtown.  We ate breakfast at Pig n Pancake and then browsed through all the shops.  I bought a few souvenirs.  The candy stores were our favorite.  I also got some Tillamook ice cream.  It was such a beautiful day!

We drove back and got stuck in a little Portland traffic.  Daniel let me nap in the car both ways.  I'm so grateful for him and all he does to make me happy.  We really needed some time away together, and this was perfect.  I only wish it could have lasted longer!