Sunday, August 31, 2014

All About August

August was a busy month getting everything in that we wanted to before moving, like eating at Cafe Rio, Zupas, and Jimmy Johns, visiting family and friends, Cherry Hill, shopping, and other activities.

We went to a bridal shower for my sister-in-law.  Emersen is so excited for her baby girl to come, and she wanted to sit right next to Breanne the whole time and help her with the presents.

Fruit Heights Founders Day was a blast.  However, making EVERYTHING free may just ruin other "fairs" for my kids.  They had face painting, balloon animals, fishing for toys, otter pops, train rides, bounce houses and more.
And don't forget the free popcorn!
They got to sit in some cool police cars and climb around a fire truck, ambulance, and hummer.

We played my good friend Marli and her little boys one more time.  Emersen is obviously really excited that we're having another baby.  She wants to hold every one she sees.
I had a fun girls night at Farmington's Station Park with friends Holly and Catherine.  We just ate dinner and did a little shopping.
We couldn't pass up the opportunity to go to the Ogden Temple open house.  We left Stanford with Daniel's parents.  Bentley was ready to go home after the introductory video and was asking so many questions during it.  It made me laugh because he does not know how to whisper.  The temple was really beautiful and looks completely different now.  We all enjoyed it.

We also enjoyed stopping for some gourmet donuts before heading home.
We had one last cousin sleepover at Grandma's house.  It was complete madness, but the kids loved spending the time with their cousins.
Emersen and I got to see "Peter Pan" at the Centerpointe Legacy Theater with my in-laws.  The only other play she has been to was "Mary Poppins" in NYC, but that was two years ago.  I was pretty sure she would love this, and she did.  It was so fun to watch her during the show.  She was completely enthralled and started clapping when Captain Hook jumped overboard at the end.  She said her favorite parts were when the girl Indians were dancing.  She wanted to meet Tiger Lily after the show.  She and I need to go to more plays like that.
We broke in the oven and made the first cookies in our new house.  And then promptly devoured them all.
It's been a while since Emersen has had a girly room, so I took her to Home Goods to pick out some new bedding for her new room.  We got in big trouble there because everything was so cute!  We found these adorable ballerina sheets, and I couldn't resist them even though they only had full size.  The ruffle comforter and gold owl pillow topped it off.  She loves her new bed and it is so comfy.

I'm discovering that mornings in the Pacific Northwest call for boots and hot chocolate, even in August.  I don't mind one bit.
This was our first of many rain storms.
Emersen has been working on better bathroom habits for a couple years now.  So we made an official "Potty Game" and I let her pick out anything in the whole world that she wanted as a prize.  I was desperate.  She wanted this box of princess barbies.  I said fine.  And then one day I randomly found it listed on a daily deals email as being on sale at Target for $40.  I didn't hesitate and ordered it right away.  When we got to this new house, we got it out to display for motivation.  She still has a long way to go before earning it though.  But she loves to look at it.
Other things we did this month:

We had a goodbye party with the Lyman family.  Just the usual Sunday dinner affair, but we got a special serenade from Daniel's brother Brett, who sang Elton John's "Daniel."  It was pretty awesome.

We did our first ever official school shopping for Emersen.  We bought clothes and school supplies.  It was so fun.  It's one of my favorite things.  Those aisles of school supplies get me every time.

We visited my Aunt Janese at her "new" house in Provo.  It's possible she has lived there for a couple years, but I have just never been there yet.  My mom met us there too, and we all went to lunch, a splash pad, and shopping.

I played a piano duet, "I Am a Child of God," with K'Lyn in her ward's sacrament meeting.

We closed on our new house while we were still in Utah.  It's always super fun to sign a million scary documents.

We went to Kindergarten orientation at Emersen's new school.  She won't be assigned a teacher until after the first two weeks of school, but all the teachers seemed great.  After hearing about all the things she'll get to do, I was really excited for her.  She's going to have so much fun. 
We also went to Bentley's preschool open house and met his teachers.  He is excited about all the cool toys in the room.  I loved school, and I hope my kids always will too.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Exploring Washougal

While we were waiting to get into our house, we did some exploring of our new hometown.

It sits right along the Columbia River, and man, is it gorgeous!  I've even heard there is a nice beach here somewhere.

The Washougal River also runs through town.  We found a great water hole to play in after lunch one day.
Washougal is home to Pendleton Woolen Mills, so we had to check out the store.

On Sunday evening, we drove to next door Camas to explore Lacamas Lake, another beauty.

We had to get a family picture while we had someone here to take it.
I don't think we'll run out of things to do around here.  I can't wait to see more.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Seven Years and Counting

Seven years seems like so many and so few at the same time.  I'm glad I've been able to spend them with this wonderful guy!
And look what we've got to show for it.
Happy Anniversary!

Washington or Bust

August 21 was moving day, so the day before, we packed up all our belongings in this gigantic Penske truck.  It wasn't too bad this time around because it had all been packed up a few months ago when we moved in with Daniel's parents.  It just needed to be moved from the garage into the truck.  Daniel's brothers and Dad were so kind to come help and it only took a couple hours.
They got everything in with room to spare! (Good thing we sold our bedroom set and patio furniture.)
The next morning, my parents arrived with a few more things to pack up.  Then we hopped in and headed out.  I thought I would cry, but I guess we've just been in limbo for long enough that we were ready to move on.  Daniel drove his car up to Washington the week before, since he had to go up for work anyway, and just left it at our new house.  My parents drove the big truck, with Emersen keeping them company once in a while, and we drove the van.  We left at about 10 a.m.

The drive through Idaho was pretty boring, except for this old barn.

We stopped for lunch somewhere in Idaho, and then continued on.  We reached our stopping point for the day, Pendleton, Oregon, at about 7 p.m.  We checked into the hotel, and went to Denny's for dinner.  The kids were so riled up after sitting in the car all day.  They were going crazy at the restaurant, especially Stanford, and I couldn't wait to get out of there!  We found a park after that so they could burn off some energy.  Emersen had fun playing tour guide, and I got some of it videotaped without her knowing.
The next morning, we drove the rest of the way, only about three hours, to Washougal, Washington, and our new home.  The drive between Pendleton and Washougal was much more scenic with great views of the Columbia River and Mount Hood.  It was beautiful!

We arrived a few minutes early for our final walk-through.  This was the first time I had ever actually seen the house or neighborhood.  I had only seen plans and photos.  This house is a little bigger than our old house.  It all seemed great as I checked it out.  I think we will enjoy living here.

We couldn't move in until the next day, when our loan funded and recorded and all that.  So we picked up some lunch and played in the river, then headed over to Portland for a little shopping and dinner.  That night we stayed at Daniel's cousin's house in Ridgefield.  The next morning, we did some more home depot shopping, ran a couple errands, and then we were able to move in to our house.  Emersen directed traffic and was awesome.  She knows how to boss people around.  I had tried to color coordinate all the boxes and rooms with a house plan map, so she just looked at the color sticker on the box, found the matching room in the house, and told the men where to put it.
It was so wonderful having my parents with us for the first few days.  They were such a huge help getting things unpacked and set up and keeping the kids happy and entertained.  Our anniversary was that weekend too, so my parents watched the kids for all of Saturday so that Daniel and I could go out to eat and get some shopping done WITHOUT kids.  That was heavenly.  Especially since we had a lot of shopping to do.  We took the truck with us because we needed to get several mattresses, and that was interesting trying to drive around the city.
It was a busy few days, but we are really happy to be in our new home and getting settled again.  My parents left on Monday, much too soon.  We will miss both of our families and spending so much time with them, but we're excited for this new adventure too.