Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Stuff

September was so busy with getting settled into the house and figuring out our new school routine and new life here.
"Don't touch my classic cartoons."  This boy loves his "shows."
Emersen has taken to decorating and organizing her room.  Sounds familiar.
Waiting to leave for school.
Stanford loves to sneak into the office and get into all sorts of mischief.
We made a stage area in the playroom and had ourselves a little dinner theater.  I love how creative these kids are.
This mudroom was the big project we wanted to tackle early on.  The door on the right leads to the garage.  The house plans had a closet in the back of this mudroom, and we asked them to just leave that out so we could fit it out to our liking.  Mixing a couple Pinterest posts together, we came up with this solution.  The bench was originally a tv stand from Ikea.  Daniel put molding along the bottom and we stained a new top to sit on.  Then he built the shelves above and all the board and batten on the walls.  So awesome.  We still need to get some baskets for the shelves, but this mudroom has already been well-used.  It's filled with backpacks, my purse, jackets, and shoes.
My baby bump literally suddenly appeared one Sunday morning.
We've made several trips to Ikea to get closet and office organization stuff.  The kids have been pretty good about it, though after a few hours there, they were tired and ready to go home.
I bought my first pair of rain boots and already got to put them to use.
Because Daniel is working from home, we needed a new office/desk solution to fit both of us.  Ikea came to the rescue.  We had one idea and got all the stuff for it, but when we got it home and roughly set up, we didn't like it.  So we brainstormed for a couple more days, went back to Ikea, and got a totally different setup that we liked a lot more.  I think Daniel went to Ikea three days in a row.  These desk legs just needed a few coats of metallic gold spray paint.  YES!!!
This is our view of the high school football field from our back deck.  It's so fun to hear the all the football and cheering action on Friday nights.
Daniel's brother Mark visited us while he was in town for work.  I think the kids loved seeing someone familiar.  We took him to dinner at the Puffin Cafe down on the marina.  The restaurant is floating on the water.  It was pretty yummy, but I'm glad we were the only ones there because the kids were a bit out of control.  A parental issue, I'm sure.

The view of Mount Hood from our back deck.
After seven years, I decided it was time to get some new glasses.  My prescription hadn't changed, but it was nice to change things up a bit.
Stanford loving the rain!

In addition, Daniel's friend Jeremy stayed with us for a month.  He just got a job in Portland, but his family wasn't going to move up until their apartment lease in Utah ended and they could get into a new place here.  We were glad to help him out, and the kids loved having someone else to wrestle with.

I had my first doctor appointment here.  A friend recommended her OBGYN to me, so I just followed suit.  The doctor seems great, and all is going fine.  It took a couple minutes to find the heartbeat, and I started to get nervous until we found it.  I was having deja vu from when I went to the doctor in NYC, and it made me miss the familiarity of my doctor and hospital back home.  I think this was the first time I really got homesick.

 We checked out both Camas and Washougal Libraries' story times.  This was the second time I got homesick, because our new West Jordan library was SO nice and the storytime librarian SO awesome compared to these ones here.  Daniel reminded me that I chose to live in a small town, and some things are bound to be different.

Daniel took a quick business trip to Nantucket.  I would have liked to go with him, and he said that is the last time he goes on a business trip without me.  I don't think he particularly likes traveling alone.

Emersen has already made several friends around here, of course.  She's the friendliest person in our family.  Our neighbors to the east are super nice and have some cute grandkids that are just the right age.  Emersen and Bentley LOVE playing with them, and the grandkids want to live with their grandparents now so they can be next door to us.  We see them fairly often.  There are also a few other Kindergarten girls around the corner that she has become friends with, and she sits by a 1st grade girl on the bus who lives a few doors down the street.  She already went to one birthday party.  We're so happy to have more kids around than in our Utah neighborhood.

I went to the General Relief Society Meeting with a friend.  It was weird to have to drive 25 minutes to the stake center to watch it.  It was a wonderful meeting, of course, and I learned that I need to make temple attendance more of a priority.

The kids participated in the primary program and did a great job.  Bentley's part was longer than Emersen's but he did it!

We have just been enjoying some amazing weather.  It has rained a few times, but we have had so much sunshine and even some 90 degree days.  We've just been soaking it in.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Beach Days

Our house is just one mile from the beautiful Columbia River and this awesome little beach.  We took the kids down there a few times while the weather was still nice.  They never wanted to leave.

YouTube Reviews

Emersen has recently been into watching toy reviews on YouTube, so naturally she had to give it a try herself.  After watching Emersen for a while, Bentley wanted in on the action too.  These videos are a little long, but they are quite hilarious and worthy of documentation.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Portland Zoo

Emersen had Fridays off of school for the month of September, so we took a day while the weather was still nice to visit the Portland Zoo.  We had heard so many good things about it.  Our friends the Bradleys met us there.  This was my first time driving into Portland, and it turns out that driving on bridges makes me really nervous!  My heart would start beating a little faster every time we drove up onto a bridge.  Maybe it's because I'm afraid of heights and falling and deep water, or because I had no idea where I was going and it was bridge after bridge and exit after exit.  I'm really glad I had phone navigation to help me.

Anyway, the zoo was beautiful and had a lot of great animals.  I had to keep telling the kids to slow down - they just wanted to rush from one animal to another.  I didn't remember to take pictures until towards the end of our visit.  Stanford has been adjusting to one nap and was coming down with a cold, so he fell asleep in the stroller just after lunch.  It was a great time!  We always love a good zoo!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Star of the Week

Emersen was the very first student in her class to be chosen "Star of the Week."  Her teacher told me that she was picked to be first on purpose because her teacher knew she would be a good example and leader to the other students to show them what a "Star of the Week" should do.  (Just as I thought - teacher's pet.)  Of course, she was beyond excited.  For the whole week, she got to lead the class in their morning routine, take the roll to the office, and be the line leader for everything.
She got to bring "Cinnamon Bear" home for the weekend.  She was given a bag with the bear, a pencil for her to keep, a recipe for cinnamon toast, a bear cookie cutter, and a Bernstein Bears book to read and return.  She was to write a short story about her weekend adventures with Cinnamon Bear that would be compiled into a class book.

She took this picture of Cinnamon Bear and Rosie.
Here is her story.