Friday, August 15, 2014

Impromptu Piano Recital

Emersen has been dying to take piano lessons. She has had a few lessons from both of her grandmas and myself, I bought her some books, but we have never been consistent about it. She has also learned several songs from some cousins that she loves to play over and over. She has such a good memory that it doesn't take long for her to pick up a song and just play it. She's also pretty good at looking at her book, the fingerings, and key placement and figuring out songs by herself. I know I just need to commit some time to teaching her because she is READY! Bentley just likes to goof off on the piano. They gave us an impromptu piano recital while we were in Oak City. It was pretty cute!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cherry Hill

We had season tickets to Cherry Hill this summer and since we were living in Fruit Heights with Daniel's parents, it was so easy to go every week.  We got in a lot of swim and sun time this summer.  It was so great.  The older kids also went with the Lymans a few times without me when I was extra tired (being pregnant) or when Stanford was sleeping or sick.

We didn't do any swim lessons this summer because, by the time we got settled into my in-laws' house, all the decent sessions nearby were already full.  Bentley didn't want to do it anyway.  But he loves to float around the river and thinks he can swim (which is walking on his tip toes in the deep water).  Emersen thinks she's already a swimming pro, and she does a good job, but only if she can still touch the bottom.  She hardly ever used any floaties.  She got super independent on me, and I had to get after her a few times for just taking off without an adult.  Stanford loved to play in pirate's cove, but we usually forgot to take water toys with us.  He also enjoyed just floating the river.

On his first trip to Cherry Hill, Bentley fell asleep sitting on a chair, slept through the drive home, and then kept on sleeping through the night until 7 the next morning!
I could hardly ever get the kids to hold still for a decent picture.
Cherry Hill also has miniature golf and some other play areas like the Jungle Maze and Hampster Haven that the kids liked to play in.  Bentley loved going golfing, and he and I went again for another date night.

I think we managed to get our fill of Cherry Hill before we had to move!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

First Lost Tooth

It finally happened!  She has been waiting to lose a tooth since her friend did a whole year ago.  When the dentist told her at her spring checkup that some of her teeth were getting wiggly, she was counting down the days.  Now she loves to show everyone her missing tooth space.

A New Niece

My younger brother and his cute wife had their first baby, Kezlyn.  It was about time we got another little girl in the family!  She is an absolute doll!  Emersen was really hoping she would be born before we moved to Washington, and we were just in luck.  We stopped by their house a few days before we headed out and got to hold this sweet girl.  Congratulations!  (I stole these first two pictures from them.)

This was also my dad's first time holding her.  I love these pictures of them.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Oak City Regulars

We spent a lot of time in Oak City this summer before we move far away.  The first week of June we went back down.  My good high school friend was in town blessing her baby, so I was happy to go and see her sweet little girl.  We also got together with them later in the week.  She's one of those friends who it's never uncomfortable to see and visit with after a long separation.  We are always able to pick up right where we left off.  If only we lived closer together, or at least in the same state!
We took a lot of walks and threw a lot of rocks in the creek. 

 Since the kids have been so into Legos lately, we had to pull out my old lego mansion for Emersen to play with.  It was a hit.
 The pool was a necessity.  We even had a visit from Grandma and Aunt Janese one day.  Janese was happy to play boxing with Bentley in the pool.
 Lots of cookie breaks.
 He's been watching his older brother.
 Roasting marshmallows is the perfect summertime activity.
Bentley likes to roast them, but he doesn't like the stickiness. 

We went back down to Oak City a couple weeks later.  The kids love having Grandma read to them. 
 Batman needed to fix his cape.
Chocolate smiles. 
 I'm not sure why he was eating his yogurt naked.  I think he was wearing a swimsuit just moments before.
My parents' neighbor brought over a load of balloon animals for the kids to play with. 
 Stanford is just irresistible.
We were there again several times in July.  Making use of the fire pit again.

I love these hills.
Grandmas keep a nice stock of ice cream.  Stanford especially loves these ice cream sandwiches.

And what a trip to Grandma's house be without some gingerbread cookies.
The canyon was finally open to the public after the huge fire two years ago.  I had a chance to drive up and see all the damage.

But it was still beautiful.