Saturday, May 31, 2014

Miscellaneous May

May was full of more than just moving.  The older kids went to an arcade for their cousin's birthday party.
 Stanford discovered a new friend.
We visited our favorite park one more time. 
Emersen completed one more session of swim lessons.  She even passed another level! She loves to swim.
 Bentley went with Dad to help my brother move into his new house in Eagle Mountain.  He enjoyed a giant muffin.
 We broke out the watermelon.
It took me a week to decide on a door color for our new house. 
I couldn't stop eating these raspberries. 
My Grandma Christensen gave me her old cruiser bike.  My Grandpa gave it to her 30-40 years ago, but it has just been sitting for a while.  Daniel replaced the tires, so I had to try it out.  It just needs a little polishing and it will be good as new. 
We had a couple of wonderful rainstorms. 
The kids watched a lot of tv and movies while I packed. 
 We all got one more dentist appointment in.
This was the only box I was happy to see this month. 
We got settled into the Lymans' basement.  The kids are pretty excited to be living at Grandma's house.  Who wouldn't be? 
Emersen went to her last day of preschool.  She didn't want to stop and smile for the camera though. 
 We visited our favorite library one last time and said goodbye to Bentley's favorite Thomas books.
 And then commenced a summer with the grandparents.  The gorgeous weather has kept us outside most of the day long.
And Grandma gives them their own spoons to eat the brownie batter. 
With a built-in babysitter now, Daniel and I were able to go see a movie after the kids went to bed.  Maleficient was a fun watch. 
I took Emersen shopping for some summer clothes.  I told Daniel he needed to make lots of money because she wanted to buy EVERYTHING.  It was fun, but also tiring getting her to decide on just a few things. She must be a girl.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MDB 2014

After arriving at 2 a.m. Saturday morning, I was too exhausted to really enjoy all of the memorial day activities.  But I tried.  But I didn't get many pictures this year.  Bentley was braver this year to try the roller skating.  He actually tried to walk around by himself, but still needed lots of help on the wood floor.
 After a little help getting started, Emersen was confident enough to take off skating on her own this year.  Sometimes I wish I was as adventurous as she is.  She will try and do anything.
 Bentley quickly got tired, of course, so we checked out the arcade games for a while. 
 Emersen jumped right into the kid games at the park too.
She was still going by the time the evening dance came around.  She loves the Bunny Hop. 
I don't think she left the floor the whole night. 
 She got up early with Dad to serve at the breakfast.
And then helped herself to some breakfast when she got hungry.  I hardly saw her the whole time; she was just doing her own thing. 
They rested and watched movies on grandma's iPad. 
We paid another visit to the cemetery and honored those who went before. 
We love keeping the traditions!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Moving On

We've been doing nothing this month but packing the house and wrapping up our lives here in Salt Lake City.  One nice thing about moving is the motivation to purge anything you don't use or don't love.  Daniel and I aren't really packrats, but we were constantly finding things to get rid of.  If something didn't fit in a box, it just wasn't going with us.  We also sold a bunch of stuff, including our bedroom furniture, and put free things out on the curb. We had so much stuff we didn't want on our last day, but no time to give it away, so unfortunately it was all donated or thrown away.
 We also had to whip the yard back into shape.  The kids were great helpers.
For some reason, it's always hard for me to know where to begin when you're still trying to live too.  I kept procrastinating the packing part of things (which I regretted when it was 10 pm on the day we had to leave).  My piano books got packed up first. 
I told Daniel maybe the reason I have such a hard time getting through the afternoons is because I don't drink.  Ha!  So I bought some Dr. Pepper for the days when I just need some help.  This marked the day I began drinking. 
It was easy to decide to pack the kids toys early on because then I wouldn't have to pick up any more messes!  (at least in THIS house anyway) 
 We had to take a picture of Emersen with her tree.  This sprout began growing when she was born, so Daniel let it be, and now we refer to it as her tree.
Some wonderful neighbors brought this huge box of trains over to Bentley because they didn't play with them anymore and knew he loved trains and that we were moving.  He was in train heaven! There were at least 75 pieces!  These were the only toys that did not get packed away.
 Our last Sunday in our ward was sad for me. I can't express how much I have loved our ward and how many wonderful people we have come to know.  I will miss it a lot. Daniel had flown to Portland that morning, so I was by myself and had to teach the Young Women's lesson.  People kept telling me how much they would miss us, and I had to tell them to stop talking about it or else I would start crying.  I did okay though, until we drove away, and then Emersen asked me why I was so sad.
Emersen's sweet primary teachers had a class party for her and gave her a little gift bag and made this blanket for her.  She said she will remember her class every time she cuddles with her blanket.  Sisters Hacker and Smith were the BEST! 
 Taking all the curtains down made everything feel real.
 My mom took the boys to Oak City for the last few days before we moved, and that made all the difference.  I was finally able to get something done.  Emersen went to play with a couple different friends at times too.  We've had such good friends here who were so kind to help in any way.  Emersen and I also got some lunch at the new Jimmy Johns by our house.
She didn't think packing was a chore! 
 The night before we left, these awesome ladies took me out for some ice cream at Leatherby's. This is the Primary Presidency I was in for three years.  We became such good friends and I love them all and have learned from them all so much.  Two of them have also recently moved out of the ward, so it was SO fun to catch up with everyone.  We sat and chatted for a couple hours.
We arranged with our renters to reduce their monthly rent and use half the garage to store all our stuff.  We were grateful to have Joseph, Daniel's brother, there all day to help us (and we rewarded him greatly with anything we didn't want and he did).  Packing/moving just takes so much longer than you ever think it will.  He took a whole van load of stuff to the DI for us, and then he took a whole van load of stuff to his parents house that we needed for the summer.  He was a huge help.  We didn't finish packing and cleaning the house until about 11 p.m. on Friday night, and then we drove straight to Oak City for the holiday weekend.  I can't believe we fit everything into half the garage.  I was so tired when we pulled out that I didn't have any emotions to expend, so I guess that was a good thing.  It was a long week, and I'm glad it was over.  I have felt such a burden lifted now that we've actually moved out of the house. 
Now let's hope our new house gets finished on time!