Thursday, May 1, 2014

The House Decision

Well, we made the big decision and decided on a house to buy.  A few days after returning from Portland, our agent sent us a few more listings. One of them seemed so perfect, so we immediately contacted our agent and told him we wanted to make an offer.  We then found out that it was still under construction.  In fact, the foundation had only been laid so far.  We would have to wait until August to move in.  We had already arranged to rent out our current house at the end of May, so we had to decide if we were willing to wait that long and live somewhere else in the meantime.
Even though Daniel has always sworn off building a house with a builder, he didn't mind the design of this house and the location was PERFECT.  Some other identical houses in the same neighborhood were already completed, but we really liked the particular site of the first house. I emailed Daniel and said, "WE MUST HAVE THIS HOUSE!!!"  We went back and forth with the builder about their 52-page monster contract, which turned Daniel off for a while.  But after some reassurance that the builder had a good reputation in that area, and focusing on the site perfection, we decided to move forward.
Daniel went up to Portland shortly after that for work and was able to actually see the site, talk to the agent, and walk through the model.  He felt really good about everything after that, so we submitted our earnest money and signed the contract.  I then got to choose from several design options, so although the house won't be custom, I'm glad we found it early enough to select what we could.  Of course, we have big plans to make it unique to us when we get there. This seems so strange because I have never even seen the site or house myself.  I walked through a fancier model home in the neighboring city, but didn't pay close attention because we weren't anticipating building a house at the time. I will be excited to see how it all turns out.
We have to move out of our house the end of this month, so it will be busy packing up and getting ready for that.  We will live in Fruit Heights with Daniel's parents for the summer until the house is completed.  I'm sure we will spend lots of time in Oak City with family too before we move far away.  Our current closing date is August 8.
We will be renting out our house in Taylorsville.  We contracted with the son of a family in our ward, so we feel lucky to have someone we sort of know living there.  Although I have always been against rental properties, I have to admit I am okay with this because I feel like the house is still mine.  We've lived a lot of life in that house and put so much work into it, I am feeling very melancholy about moving.  But life evolves.
Here is what our future house in Washougal, Washington, will look like:

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Activities

The best thing about April is the spring sunshine and getting to spend more time outside. It's my favorite time of year!
These boys shared some Mike and Ikes on the front steps.
We met Daniel for lunch at Melty Way, perhaps a bit of a selfish choice.
Stanford hardly holds still anymore and runs from place to place.
This boy likes to dabble in the dress-up box too.
He gets pretty creative: pirate shorts, Christmas sweater, "tenders," superman cape, and "underwear helmet."
I like to do crafts to de-stress, and boy, I needed it this month!  A "zombie vaccine" mug for Daniel,
a hydrangea everyday wreath for the front door,
and a corelle hack. I can't believe I almost donated these mugs. Adding some gold details made them so pretty!
Emersen somehow got away with wearing this outfit to church one Sunday. Where do I draw the line? They also learned about being missionaries.

Stanford doesn't mind snuggling with Emersen.
They like their new chore and are pretty good at it too!
Lunch at Chuck-A-Rama for Grandma Lyman's birthday was fun!
Emersen asked, "Do I look like a mom?"  She will make a great one.
We had a visit from some ducks on a rainy day.
A pizza picnic at the park when Daddy had to work late.
I found the perfect tee shirt for my sassy miss.
Purple day at school.  She knew just what to wear.
I love when the front yard is all abloom in the spring.  The tulips didn't stay on their stems long, though, with this aspiring florist around.

I always had a pretty bouquet on the counter.
Lots of perfect days for bubbles.
And rediscovering the sandbox.
And maybe just relaxing on the grass.
We did a thrift store challenge for mutual.  Our themes were grandma, prom, hobo, mom, goth, model, and nerd.  It was too much fun.
An impromptu nap

This steak salad from the Black Bear Diner was amazing.
April was full of fun, as you can see!

Baseball Boy

Bentley didn't really soccer last fall, so we decided to let him try tee ball.  A while back we noticed that somehow he knew exactly how to stand and swing a bat without us teaching him.  He must have watched someone.  So Daniel volunteered to coach again (although he ended up missing half the games because of work travel), but it was a good thing there were other parents willing to help because it takes more than one coach to corral those little leaguers for the whole game!  Bentley had a great time and said he liked it better than soccer because it didn't make him as tired. That's the truth.

[insert video here]

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Field Trip to Wheeler Farm

I accompanied Emersen's preschool class on another field trip, to Wheeler Farm this time.  It had rained the day before, so it was a bit muddy and cold.  But it was still fun for the kids to see the animals.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

"Treat Yo Self" again

After implementing my annual "treat yo self" day last year and failing at it, I had a better plan this year. I spent the morning at Target and Home Goods, then got my hair and nails done, picked up a late lunch at Zupas, and then went home to relax.  Much better. Nothing feels more like treating myself than a fresh haircut!