Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Fluff

February was our last month as a family of five!  So obviously, this month was all about getting prepared to have a baby and enjoying some extra time with the kids before my time is divided yet again.

The boys waiting for mom to get ready. 
Dad's company got some new hard hats! 
The kids went to a new dentist.  They did great, though we miss our pediatric dentist back home.  We'll probably keep searching for one we like here.  We also decided it was time to pull Bentley's damaged tooth in a few months.
 Bentley filled in his chart for just doing good things and earned this Mario Kart Wii game.  At first he just wanted to watch someone else play because it was "too hard," but after a little practice, he got the hang of it and now he is the best player in the house!
 Emersen painted a picture of Mount Hood.
Even though I was still feeling quite sick and exhausted this month (my third cold and sinus infection in two months!), completing some crafts was good therapy.  I was also asked to be in charge of our monthly Relief Society craft night.  We had our first gathering and only one person showed up!  Oh well.  We made this cute springtime wreath.
I also made some simple Valentines decor: a striped canvas and pom-pom garland.

 Daniel helped me paint the girls' closet on Valentine's Day.  That's how I know he loves me :)  Here's a sneak peak of their room.
I made some cute burp cloths.
And hung some stuff up in our bedroom. 
  I got all the baby stuff organized and ready for her arrival. 
The boys had another cold (which I caught again), so there were lots of random naps. 
 On President's Day, we went to visit dad at work, got lunch at Subway, and played at a nearby park in downtown Vancouver.  It was a beautiful, sunny day. 
The boys and I made a trip to Ikea and got derailed in the kids section. 
Stanford gives the best sour faces when he's in a bad mood.  I finally caught one on camera. 
He had to snuggle with my leg since there was no more room on my lap.  Ha! 
 Emersen and I had a crafting date at Michael's.
 Springtime came early!  I am loving this PNW weather!
 A friend of mine also just had a baby so we had her other three kids over for a while to give her some quiet time.  The kids all had a blast and the house was a wonderful disaster.
More naps.  With a Wii remote this time. 
I can only see my toes now if I take a picture of them :) 
Aunt Sadie sent us the most wonderful care package.  It was packed with little toys and treats for the kids, random little surprises for me, and a new baby gift.  She was so sweet and we felt so loved.

On my last Saturday before my due date, some ward friends had a simple lunch "shower" for me at Olive Garden.  It was so sweet of them.  They gave me some super cute outfits for little Brooklyn when she comes.  It was nice to get in some girl gab too.  I felt like I was getting dressed up for the last time being pregnant, so I had to document it.
 After lunch, another friend and I went for pedicures.  Pink seemed an appropriate color.
We also squeezed in a birthing center tour at the hospital.
Some ward friends also invited us to be in a monthly dessert group, so we went to our first one this month.  We are happy to be making friends up here.
I think we're finally ready for Baby Brooklyn to arrive!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Sunday Walk and Stanford Photo Shoot

One beautiful Sunday we couldn't resist going for a family walk along a portion of the Washougal River.  The weather was just too perfect to pass up.  The kids ran along the path, gathered sticks, threw rocks, and then we took the road less traveled (the unpaved path) and got our shoes and pants all muddy.  It was all lovely.

I also never yet got around to doing a birthday photo shoot with Stanford (and didn't think I would get around to it any time soon since it's already been two months since his birthday), so I grabbed my camera and decided to try for some impromptu shots.
  Two-year-olds are so hard to photograph.  I normally would have planned a cute outfit for him and done his hair, but sometimes good enough just has to be good enough.  I also think I need to re-learn how to use my camera...


 Sword fight

 I can never resist this little face!