Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

This Halloween will go down as "The Wet One."

Old fogie pumpkins.  Ha!
School Costume Parade

Lots of brotherly love today at the costume parade. (Even if you may not want it.)
Waiting for trick-or-treating.

 Emersen pulled out all the stops to complete her pirate look. Bentley wished all the kids that came to the door a "Happy Halloween!" Stanford has been Iron Man for a month. Daniel almost couldn't handle the eye makeup application #sensitive. I actually put on a costume. Brooklyn is just sweet. The Utes won. And it rained torrents #PNW

One last chocolate before bed, pretty please! #alligatortears

Friday, October 30, 2015

October Odds and Ends

I got my nice camera out for a change!

The kids learned about building fairy houses at school, then came home and built their own.

Stuck but still smiling!
Following after his brother's footsteps and playing with cars all the time.
How we spend our days while the others are at school.
Here we go again!  Bentley had another set of ear infections this month.  I took him to the Urgent Care and was told that I need to be more observant with tough little guys like him who don't always tell you when they're not feeling well.  Then on his first day back to school, they did hearing tesets (of course).  He did NOT pass.  Surprise, surprise.  With ruptured eardrums, he's been watching shows at full volume and I have to speak much louder than normal for him to hear me. We've had a few rough nights and lots of medicine. While I'm feeling like a lousy mother for not preventing his pain, the tender mercy was his little raspy voice and hopeful face asking me to read him some more dinosaur books before bed and then him kneeling right next to me for family prayers and looking up at me with the sweetest smile. I guess he still loves me 😍

Stanford loves to help in the kitchen.
We went to the mall one day and I let him run around for a while.

Iron Man needs his protein.  He has sure gotten his money's worth out of his new Halloween costume!
Emersen and I went to see "Oklahoma!" on the big screen for our date.  This year is the 60th Anniversary since the movie was made.  I love introducing her to these things that I love and learning that she loves them too!
Spider season
Also football season!  We went to a Washougal High School game and did our best cheering.

Puppy dog eyes.  He's good at that.

Wow!  Lots of tired pictures!
Faux-hawks for church? (And is Stanford's head bigger than Bentley's???)
This was the night I came home from Utah, reading scriptures together.  Being with these people is what makes me happy.
Emersen was one of two first graders so far to be in the school's "Hall of Fame" for being a good student. So proud of her!
Our crew.
His whole life he can't help but sit on the table or counter. Makes me laugh.
Here they come!  
Scooter Slo-Mo  
 Emersen's Ode to Joy  
 Dancing circles around Brooklyn  
 Stanford's storytelling
This month, I also got a new calling at church as the Beehive Advisor.  I'm excited to be back in Young Womens!
I also went to the Relief Society Super Saturday and made a wood JOY sign that I love.  It was fun to get to new the ladies in our ward a little better.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Parent/Teacher Conferences

The kids are doing so great in school.  This month, I started helping in their classes, and I love watching them interact with their classmates and see what they're like at school.  We had parent-teacher conferences and their teachers had nothing but good to report!
Has already met the end-of-year goals for math and reading.
Writing skills blew his teacher away.  Letter formation is excellent.  Writes sentences at near year-end level.
On reading Level E and has started going to a first grade reading group every day.
Participates and is friendly and kind.  Always does what he should.
Happy-go-lucky, always smiling.
Bentley LOVES going to school and hates to miss it.  He has already missed several days due to illness (ear infections and colds).  His favorite part of the day is choosing time and gym.
He has a very sweet teacher (who is actually a graduate of BYU), and even though I was initially hoping for a different teacher, it turns out that Mrs. Yung is the perfect teacher for him.  He has a class full of really great kids too.
Has already met many year-end goals.
Has excellent math skills, already starting to understand multiplication.
Reads at Level 28 (almost 3rd grade) (Her teacher just stopped testing her, saying she probably could have just gone on and on), and the year-end goal is 14.
Her reading group is focusing on comprehension.
Her teacher wishes she had "a classroom full of Emersens."
She is very helpful, always does what she is supposed to, and is a good helper.
She could still work on writing/spelling words (she gets pretty creative with her spelling!)
Emersen loves going to school. Her favorite subjects are art and science.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Brooklyn's Photo Shoot

While we were in Utah, I asked my good friend from high school, Casie, to take some pictures of Brooklyn.  The leaves in Oak City Canyon were just PERFECT!  We started a little later than we wanted to, so Brooklyn was getting tired.  We had to work really hard to get a smile out of her.  The pictures turned out so fun though.