Thursday, June 4, 2015

Three Month Old Brooklyn

After Brooklyn's weight percentage drop a month ago, we had to make some changes to our feeding routines.  I was advised by the doctor to nurse her every two hours, supplement with formula, and then pump to see how much milk I was producing.  I did this faithfully for a week and took her back to the doctor for a weight check.  She had gained half a pound in that week and maintained her percentage (2%), which is what she should be doing.

So something worked that week, but whether it was the extra feeding, the formula, or both, I don't know.  What I DO know is that it was super stressful and a huge pain.  I knew I couldn't keep it up, especially with having to take care of three other kids.  I'm sure someone would tell me I could do it if I REALLY wanted to, and that's true, so I guess I'm just not that committed to breastfeeding.  It's been a struggle, in different ways, with each child, and I've never totally loved it.  So I decided to just start weaning her.  I read recently that breastfeeding for the first three months has the most benefits for the baby, compared to the months after that, so I'll just feel good about making it through those first few months then.  Anything to make me feel better, right?

So over the past couple of weeks, I've started giving her bottles several times a day instead of nursing.  She takes bottles just fine, but I think she's used to having to work harder, so she acts like she's drowning and then spits up half the contents directly after.  She will scream if I try to take it away to burp her before she's finished, so I'm sure that doesn't help either.  So now we get to figure out this bottle feeding thing.  While I was in Utah, being very frustrated, I went to the store to get some slower flowing nipples.  I didn't have many options, but found some bottles that were supposed to release milk more like real breasts and slower.  They do seem to help a little, but she still gets a little frustrated.  So we'll see how this goes!  It seems like no matter how many kids you've had, you always have to learn something new along the way.

I took her in again this past week for another weight check and she is still doing great and gaining like she should.  The doctor told me I should be feeding her more, but since that just makes her spit up more, I think we're good where we are.  She is now 9 lbs. 15 oz. (2%) and 23 inches tall (25%).

She is sleeping SO much better now (because she is eating more maybe?).  So am I!  She started sleeping through the night a couple weeks ago, waking up at about 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning.  She is still in our room during the night so that she doesn't wake Emersen too early.

She isn't rolling all the way over yet, but she gets onto her side.  She still despises tummy time.  Her siren cry doesn't happen as often anymore, but once in a while she still gets pretty mad.  She is loving baths more and more, but I think what she really enjoys about them is the extra one-on-one time.  She likes to sit in the bouncer and watch all the kids run here and there.  I always wonder what she thinks about those crazies :)

My Aunt Janese gave her this lacy romper.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

MIscellaneous May

Almost a year later, The Jane Game finally arrived!  The kids tried to play it with me to humor me, but I can't wait to play it with some ladies!  Isn't it gorgeous?
Stanford thinks he owns the place...
While I was taking a shower one day, there was a goldfish infestation.  I couldn't help but shriek a little when I came downstairs and saw this (and I couldn't contain it all in one picture!).  They were good to help me clean up right away.  Stanford tried but just made it worse as he walked back and forth smashing even more, so I banished him outside.  He didn't like that, as you can see!

After a lot of drama, Emersen's big tooth finally fell out on its own at recess.
Now that we're giving Brooklyn bottles, Emersen was eager to take a turn.  She said, "I like this.  This must be what it feels like to be a mom."  I love her sweetness.
We have had so much sunshine lately!

And a little rain too.
We took a Sunday walk at the nearby Wildlife Refuge.

Brooklyn has started giving us lots of smiles.  We love it!
Bentley adores his little sister.  He's such a good helper.

One Wednesday after, I actually got all four kids to take naps at the same time.  Miracles do happen!
Bentley and Stanford flew planes to preschool.
Then we took a bench break on the walk back home.

Emersen had dance pictures.
I love our family scripture reading time.  Sometimes they actually pay attention.
We hosted dessert group this month and lots of leftover banana pudding.  The neighborhood kids helped us get rid of it.
Stanford has finally started showing interest in Brooklyn.  Until now he would mostly just ignore her.  This was the first time he held her.  And then he didn't want to give her back.  She has that effect on people :)
Daniel took the kids on their monthly dates.  He and Bentley went rafting on the lake.
Emersen wanted to be an artist on the beach for her date.
An alphabet song
This month, we also went to a couple track meets over at the high school behind our house.  The kids liked watching the hurdles and high jump.
Emersen went to so many friend birthday parties.  I'm glad she makes friends so easily.  The boys especially like her.  I'm always meeting a new mom who says, "Oh, I've heard about Emersen."  It's already beginning?!
We registered Bentley for Kindergarten for next year.  I kind of can't wait!
I finally made it back in to help in Emersen's class one more time.  They have a special "artist in residency" program where someone comes and teaches the kids an art.  The kindergarteners made clay tiles.  I was there to help them paint the tiles.  It was fun to be in the class again.
We also had more baseball and soccer games.  Our Saturdays have all been pretty busy, but it's really fun to watch the kids play.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

More from Utah

Although our reason for going to Utah was Memorial Day, we decided to stay a little longer to make the most of the trip.  We were nervous about traveling with a two-month old baby, so it seemed like flying would be the best option.  If she was going to be troublesome, at least it would only be for a few hours instead of 13!  We flew down on Thursday evening and came back a week later on Saturday, so the kids missed a whole week of school.  

We probably looked like a circus with 2 carseats, 2 boosters, 5 suitcases, 2 bags, 3 children, and 1 baby.  Somehow we made it!  All of the kids did really well on the flight.  Stanford got pretty restless the last half hour.  We were sitting clear in the back, which was nice, so that Daniel could easily stand up with Brooklyn to get her to sleep.  We also gave her a bottle on the plane because it was easier than the fussing that usually accompanies nursing lately.  Overall, it went fine.

We headed down to Oak City on Friday.  We stopped at a few stores and for lunch on the way.  We had originally planned on attending the Payson Temple Open House, but by the time we got there, the kids weren't too keen on the plan.  So we decided to skip it instead of dragging around four tired, ornery kids.  I was sad, but I'm sure I'll have another opportunity to go inside.  We've watched this temple be built on our drives back and forth to Oak City over the last couple of years, and it is so beautiful.
My mom wanted to have a little birthday celebration for Bentley while we were in town.  So we sang to him and blew out candles.  She remembered that he doesn't really like cake, so rice krispies were perfect.

Brooklyn hanging out on the grass.
While Daniel did some work, my parents and I took the kids for a picnic up the canyon.  We're sure going to miss going up there when my parents move.

Watch this progression as my boys get sillier and sillier.

We can't stop in Delta without hitting up Leo's (Delta Freeze now).
Another day, we drove down to Cedar City, and Dad showed us around his new work place, Staheli West.  He started working with my Uncle Dave back in February and seems to be loving his new job.  It was a pretty slick facility.  My dad does a lot of the testing of the machines and training the people who buy them (as far as I understand).
After lunch, we continued our trip over to Enterprise to visit my Staheli Grandparents.  My cousin Rachel and her family are living in Enterprise for the summer, so the kids got to play together.  It wasn't a very long visit, but it was nice.  We drove back to Oak City that night.
Friday morning we drove back up to Fruit Heights.  As we left Oak City, I realized that the next time I come to Oak City, my parents would probably not be living there anymore, and I would be a visitor.  It made me sad to think about, so Daniel helped me think about other things :).  We went to Cherry Hill with the Lymans that day.  Our kids have been asking about going to Cherry Hill since we moved to Washington.  They were so excited to go again.  We had beautiful weather for it, even if it wasn't too warm.

Everyone went back to the Lyman house for burgers and hot dogs and a cousin picture.  So many kids!
Grandma and the two littlest.
Saturday morning we flew back to Portland.  Daniel bought donuts for the kids while we were waiting.
The flight back went just as well as the first one.  Grandma Lyman gave Bentley a Lego Chima set for his birthday, so the two kids spent the whole flight putting it together.  That was a genius idea.  It kept them entertained!  Stanford fell asleep for part of the flight, and Brooklyn did okay too.
It's sometimes hard to be so far away from family, so these trips are pretty awesome!