Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Sunday Walk and Stanford Photo Shoot

One beautiful Sunday we couldn't resist going for a family walk along a portion of the Washougal River.  The weather was just too perfect to pass up.  The kids ran along the path, gathered sticks, threw rocks, and then we took the road less traveled (the unpaved path) and got our shoes and pants all muddy.  It was all lovely.

I also never yet got around to doing a birthday photo shoot with Stanford (and didn't think I would get around to it any time soon since it's already been two months since his birthday), so I grabbed my camera and decided to try for some impromptu shots.
  Two-year-olds are so hard to photograph.  I normally would have planned a cute outfit for him and done his hair, but sometimes good enough just has to be good enough.  I also think I need to re-learn how to use my camera...


 Sword fight

 I can never resist this little face!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day

I love all the pink and glitter of Valentine's Day, and I especially love an extra opportunity to tell my family how much I love them.  I also love an excuse to make special extra-sugary treats!  This was a Pinterest win.  The kids and I also baked and decorated some sugar cookies.
It was so fun to help both of the older kids prepare their valentines for their class parties.  Bentley went super simple and picked out monster truck valentines with tattoos at the store.  Emersen browsed Pinterest with me for some more unique ideas.  She decided on a sucker butterfly.  Both were perfectly suited to their personalities.  It was really fun to help them put everything together.

Bentley started out doing all the writing for his cards, but his hand got tired before too long (of course), so I just made him write his own name on all the cards while I wrote his classmates' names for him.  It's fun to watch him grow up and get to participate in these kinds of things.
Showing off the finished products.

Bentley's class had a pajama party along with their valentine exchange.  He loves wearing his pajamas any chance he gets.  He was acting a little sick the night before, so I was worried he wouldn't get to go to school.  But he seemed much better the next day.  He didn't say much about his party, but he said it was fun.  He liked going through the valentines he got and was not very inclined to share his treats with his sister.  I had to remind her that she was going to have her own party the next day.
Emersen dressed up in valentine colors for her party day.  She even had the perfect shoes for the holiday.

Emersen's class had quite the party, even inviting a parent and younger siblings.  We were planning on going, but then both boys ended up being sick (again) with fevers that day so we couldn't make it.  Daniel couldn't make it either, so I knew she would be really sad that no one from her family was there.  She told me she almost cried when her teacher told her we were not coming.  But she sat by another friend that didn't have any family there and said she still had a great time.  She got off the bus with a big grin so I knew she had a good day.  She read every word of every valentine she received.

This is her Love Monster named Lovey Lolly Pop :)
Emersen received several special notes from boys in her class.  This one was the best: "Dear Emersen, I love you. You are nice. You are pretty. I want to marry you. From, Andrew."
Emersen was invited to a friend's valentine party on Valentine's Day, so we tried a new holiday hairdo.
Daniel and I don't usually do anything big for Valentine's Day - it's just expensive and crowded to go out and you have to get a babysitter, etc.  He did plan a really yummy dinner, and I just set the table fancy.  The flowers he and the kids picked out for me were gorgeous too.  It was just nice being with those I love!