Sunday, November 30, 2014

November News

Bentley was assigned the talk in primary.  He said, "I don't want to talk about Jesus; I want to talk about my race cars."  Haha!  We managed to work the cars into his talk about following Jesus' example by sharing.
Stanford is just the cutest little bug on the planet lately.  He loves to point out his nose.
My belly is growing every week!
The kids decided it would be easier to build cool things if the Legos were all sorted by color.  It took about two days to this, but look at this beauty!  If only it would last...
Early in the month, we joined Daniel for a drive out to Hillsboro to visit his site and drop some things off with the city.  We stopped for burgers in Vancouver on our way (where I had to order a second sandwich because I was still hungry).  Anyway, Hillsboro.  Oh man.  That place is so beautiful.  It could be Fall making it so enchanting, but I could live there.  It was a really beautiful day too.  They started construction on this site, their first one, this month.  Things are moving along!  We also visited our friends from NYC who now live in Beaverton on our way back, got dinner, and did some goodwill shopping.  It was a fun spontaneous day outing.
I love that our kids love to play together.
Daniel took these two to see the new movie "Big Hero 6."  They loved it, and thought it was hilarious to act like Baymax with pillows in their clothes.

Not sure what we're doing, but here is proof that I do exist.
With some dry weather, I was anxious to complete a few small painting projects.  I touched up the paint on the kids table and chairs, painted a couple lamps, painted the mirror gold for Emersen's room, and re-painted and stained this vintage desk that my parents gave me.  I probably sanded that thing for an hour to get all the stickers, paint drips, and dried glue off.  I was sore the next day.  It always feels good to get a little creativity into my days.
I hung the curtains in our living room, which seriously multiplied the coziness factor.  Now I just need to lengthen them.  The windows and ceilings are just higher and bigger than in our old house.
Emersen is my best helper.  I don't know what I would do without her, and I know she will be a HUGE help when the new baby comes.
We still love our movie nights.  And I love that Stanford often lays on his belly to watch movies.
A stack of oreos.  He only eats the filling, of course.
Emersen caught a cold (from me, I think) the first week of November and missed three days of school.  She was more than ready to go back.  Being sick is definitely not as fun as school.
For their daddy/daughter date, Daniel and Emersen explored the Lego aisle at Walmart.  Daniel said they spent hours in that one aisle looking at every single thing.  A week later, on his date to Walmart with Bentley, Daniel said Bentley just picked the first two hot wheel cars he saw and was ready to head home just like that.  The different between how boys and girls shop, right?
We put up the Christmas tree a couple weeks before Thanksgiving.  Why not?  This way we can enjoy it longer before we spend half of December in Utah.
I hit the third trimester mark this month. I can barely see my toes.  And I couldn't resist these glitter flats I found on clearance.
Emersen is loving her ballet class.  I sat and watched for the first time this season.  She seems to be doing well, but I wish the teacher was a little more strict.  I can't decide how serious I want Emersen to be about dance yet...
I really miss our fancy new library back in West Jordan, so we don't make it to the Washougal library very often, only when we have to return stuff.  But the kids don't seem to notice any differences.  They still love it.

I made a ton of crock pot applesauce this month to freeze, and banana bread two days in a row (because the first one was devoured in less than a day).  Now Bentley is always waiting for the bananas to turn brown so that I will make more bread.
Emersen's class had a little Thanksgiving "feast" at school.  It was sort of short notice, and I already had a prior commitment, so Daniel took Stanford with him to join her.  We knew she would feel really bad if no one from her family came.  They had pumpkin pie, sang songs, and displayed their artwork.
We finally got to watch a Utah football game.  I've been listening to the games on internet radio, so it was a treat to actually watch for once.  Some fellow Utah fan friends invited us over for pizza and the game.  Too bad it was probably the worst game they played all season and we lost bad.  Oh well.  Go Utes!
These two always cuddle up to watch movies/tv.  It's pretty cute.

November was a crazy month.  The last week of October was all half days at school because of parent/teacher conferences.  Then the first week of November, Emersen missed three days of school because of illness.  Then the second week of November had one no-school holiday (Veterans' Day) and two snow days.  So it was three weeks of irregular school days and I had all three kids at home the majority of the time once again.  I was going a little bit crazy.  My mom said, "Did you forget what it was like just a couple of months ago?"  Yes, yes, I did.

We got the majority of our Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving.  Yay!

I took Emersen to a new doctor for her well child checkup.  We loved our pediatrician back in Utah so much that it has been hard to find a new doctor.  We can't go to a pediatrician here because any within 30-minute driving distance aren't accepting new patients.  I guess there just aren't enough to go around.  (Another reason to miss living in Utah.)  So we have a family doctor, and I haven't been impressed yet.  We may continue to look around.

Both Daniel and I finally got callings.  I am the Relief Society and Ward Choir Pianist.  Probably the easiest calling I could ever have.  That's okay.  I'm going to relish it after the last five-plus years of busy callings.  Daniel was called as a counselor in the Elders Quorum Presidency.  We figured out that this has been his exact first calling in all three wards we've been in since getting married.  Now he can get to know more people.

Daniel's mission companion Brenner stayed with us for one night while he was here interviewing at hospitals in Portland.  It was fun to catch up with him.

We were asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting on the last Sunday of November.  I spoke about making your home a sanctuary from the world, and Daniel spoke about how prophets are like lighthouses.  Emersen also wanted to sing a song like she did in our last ward.  She sang "Love is Spoken Here" all by herself.  She stood right up to the microphone, sang loud and clear, didn't miss a beat or a word, and smiled the whole time.  I had so many people tell me how much they loved it and what a great job she did.  She is a good little singer!  The only good thing about speaking in church when you're new is that people get to know you and your name and then actually talk to you more.  We're looking forward to making friends in the ward.


We invited my parents to come to our house for Thanksgiving this year.  I was delighted when they accepted, though it was probably just because they felt bad for me.  They arrived mid-day on Wednesday and left early Sunday morning.  This was our very first time hosting Thanksgiving ever.  I planned everything out for a couple weeks before, but tried not to stress over it too much since it was just my parents and us and my Mom would be there to help anyway.  It ended up being a very lovely, relaxing holiday weekend.
The place setting, thanks to a little Pinterest inspiration.

The kids had fun helping with the appetizers.

And then took full advantage of them.
The table and food.  So much food.  We ate leftovers for a week.  We decided to make things easy on ourselves and bought a pre-brined, pre-seasoned turkey that we could just stick in the oven.  We also had a mashed potato casserole, stuffing, spinach/strawberry/poppyseed salad, cranberry/sprite drink, green bean casserole, ham, and homemade rolls.  It all tasted so yummy.

My dad was laughing at me trying to take pictures of everything before we could sit down and eat.

The kids each wanted their own big turkey leg.

The rest of the weekend, we did puzzles, watched Christmas movies, played with legos, and just relaxed.  We had one day of nice weather and we made it oustide a few times, but the other days were pretty cold.  We were probably pretty boring for my parents, but I was so glad to have their company anyway.

We missed them when they left, but luckily we get to see them in just one month for Christmas!  Our little family has so much to be thankful for, and sometimes Thanksgiving Day comes and goes without me acknowledging that as much as I feel I should.  I guess I just TRY to be thankful all the time.  We have been exceedingly blessed beyond what I'm sure we deserve.  Hopefully, I can remember that all the time.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Trouble at School

I just want to record this first trouble-at-school experience.  One afternoon, I got a call from the school counselor saying that Emersen was involved in an incident at recess.  Of course, I was immediately astonished and couldn't imagine what had happened.  She had Emersen get on the phone and tell me what happened.  She apparently bit some boy on the finger because he and some other boys were bothering her.  I was flabbergasted!  I also knew she must have been really provoked to actually bite him.  i've only seen her do that when she is REALLY mad at Bentley.  Anyway, the counselor was nice and said she didn't expect this occurrence to repeat itself and said that this was just protocol.  I didn't have much to say to her - I've never experienced this before!  As soon as I hung up the phone, I started crying.  Probably pregnancy hormones are to blame for that.  Emersen and I talked about it more when she got home from school.  I could tell she felt really bad about it and did not like getting in trouble, of course.  She said several boys were following her around calling her a cry baby and just bothering her and wouldn't leave her alone, that one of them grabbed her arm, and so she bit his finger.  She said the boy told the recess teacher, but that he didn't get in trouble.  We of course talked about other ways to handle this situation, and I made her promise that if anyone bothers her again or grabs her to just immediately tell the teacher if they won't stop.  I tried to be extra loving because I could see that she was emotional about it all.  She didn't even want to go to dance that evening.  Little boys just can't leave a cute girl alone!

Sunday, November 23, 2014


I turned 32 this year, and though I don't have much to say about it, I sometimes can't believe I'm already in my 30s.  I don't feel that old, except when I'm pregnant, I guess.  My birthday was on a Sunday, so a couple days before, we dropped the kids off with some friends and just went out to dinner by ourselves.  That's all I really wanted for my birthday.  We went to Gustav's, a fun German/Austrian restaurant.  It's always fun to try something new.
Creme brulee for dessert.
My other present was this new headboard.  We sold all our bedroom furniture before we moved, and I have been wanting an upholstered headboard for a while.  I had always planned to just make one, because it looked pretty easy.  But then I found this one I liked just at Target for a great price, and Daniel encouraged me to just save myself some time and purchase it.  I'm glad I did.  I love how it looks.  It came a few days before my birthday.
Then my sweet husband spent his Saturday night building the bed frame for me, even though I told him it didn't really need to be done before my birthday.  I plan to upholster the frame with a coordinating fabric, but until then, we get some sweet plywood to look at!  I have to say it is SO nice to have the mattress off the floor now, especially the more pregnant I get.
Sunday morning we had cake and more presents.  Emersen worked on this present and cards for me for HOURS on Saturday.  She is so sweet.  Inside the package was a little bowl of peanut M&Ms - my favorite!
We had some yummy cheesecake and the kids helped me blow out candles.  They didn't like the cheesecake, though.

Perhaps the best present of all was when they ALL THREE fell asleep during Sacrament Meeting at church that afternoon.  Wow.  That was amazing.  And so strange.
Well, my 30s have been good to me so far!