Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Miscellaneous March

March was pretty quiet as we were trying to navigate this new six-member family life.  Well, as quiet as a six-member family can be!

Emersen had fun during Dr. Seuss week, especially on crazy clothes day.
This little love has stolen our hearts.
Sleeping babies are the sweetest.  If only she would sleep like this in her crib!
This never gets old.
I was so so grateful to have both my mother-in-law and then my mother here with us to help for a couple weeks.  It was invaluable!  They prepared meals, got the kids ready for school, held the baby so I could rest, and just provided great company.  The kids really loved it too.  We miss seeing our families as often as we used to, so this was a real treat.  Both grandmas took such great care of us.

We celebrated my mom's birthday while she was here.
Even newborns need a fancy dress.

Often the only way I could get a nap was to take one with Brooklyn.  I'm sure I will miss this.
Where I spend many hours every night - in my own little corner, in my own little chair.
We have had some glorious spring weather, so we get outside as often as possible.  Daniel took the kids exploring a few times.
Makeshift forts
St. Patrick's Day

He's twice her size!  Pretty much a giant now.
Emersen started soccer practice in a community league twice a week.  She was super excited to play with her school friends.  Her second week, I had to take all four kids to the practice because Daniel was in Salt Lake.  It was my first time.  It was quite the production, we were 15 minutes late, and the boys didn't have any shoes.  At least it was all sunshine so the boys were happy to play around while she was practicing and I got to enjoy the heat.  It turned into a nice evening out.
We are enjoying the spring sports from our back deck.  Bentley likes watching the daily baseball practices.

I have been using a baby wrap for the first time ever and I love it!  It's so easy and comfy and convenient when I have to walk the kids to school or fix dinner when she's fussy or just going for a walk around the block.
We took the boys to a park and lake in Salmon Creek while Emersen was at a birthday party nearby.  These sunny days are killing me!
Daniel is such a good, loving, fun father.  He has his hands full sometimes!
Our new punishment for arguing: the get-along shirt.  Bentley wasn't too excited about it.
Bentley has been super interested in reading lately.  One morning while I was nursing Brooklyn in my room, I spied this sweet moment while Emersen helped Bentley read the Bob Books.  She was a sweet little teacher, and he already knew how to read most of the words!  Who knew?  Then over breakfast she passionately explained to him why it's so fun being able to read: "...because books can make you laugh, and they have incredible stores!"

Bentley loves it when she does her "exercises."  He sits and says encouraging words to her.
Daniel brought me some tulips on a rough day.
Lots of Wii playing.  Once Bentley figured it out, he didn't want to stop playing Mario Kart.  I loved watching him "dance" around the room while driving.
When he started sitting still like this, all zoned out and just moving the wheel, I knew it was time to take a break for a bit.  Haha!
Brooklyn may be a little high maintenance right now, but boy is she worth it!
I have to mention the wonderful help I got from some girls in my ward.  The week after my mom left, my visiting teacher had arranged for daily meals.  It was so sweet and so helpful.  Meal planning is one of my least favorite and most stressful things about being a mother.  So to not have to worry about that was a big deal for me.  We had so much food we were able to eat leftovers for another week.  My visiting teaching companion also took all the kids to her house to play for a whole afternoon once.  It provided me with some much-needed peace and quiet.  I'm really glad we moved into such a good ward and that we've made some great friends.

My first day alone with the kids went about as expected.  I forgot to make a lunch for Emersen, Bentley played on the Wii all morning, the boys had a yelling competition during lunch while I let the baby scream in the swing so that I could finally get something to eat, and I later found Stanford swishing the kids' toothbrushes in a toilet that Bentley had forgotten to flush.  I only got a 20 minute nap before my alarm reminded me to go outside to wait for the bus.  I gave Brooklyn three baths in a row and then settled for a wipe after she continued spitting up all over.  Someday I'll get this all figured out I hope!

I also did a little photo shoot with Brooklyn.  I'll post the pictures when I get around to editing them.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

At the Hospital

Our hospital stay in photos:
"Welcome, Little One"
Meeting mom

Getting examined

First bath

All cleaned up and beautiful
Dad knows what to do
Dad and daughter
The hair
Looking around

Hospital tags
Love at first sight

Family of six!
Meeting sis and calling grandparents
Adoring big brother
With Grandma
Our suite

Perfection in a bundle
Ready to go home

Little sister
Lots of screaming
Then silence
Back at home